Audit and Assurance
Corporate Law
Accounting and KPO
Indirect Tax
A) Service Tax
• Ascertain applicability of tax laws based on the operational activities.
• Assistance in Registration with Service Tax Authorities.
• Advice on all related compliances.
• Providing updates on significant changes in Service Tax Law.
• Providing clarifications and opinions
• Conducting introductory and advanced training to acquaint client's staff with statutory requirements.
• Verification of all Tax returns prior to filing and payment of tax.
• Assist in preparing service tax refund claim and follow up with the concerned authorities.
• Representation before Service Tax Authorities at all levels.
• Advice on Maintenance of records.
B) VAT (Value Added Tax)
• VAT audit
• VAT returns
• VAT registration
C) Profession Tax
Registration and enrollments
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